Saivian Eric Dalius

Traits to Avoid If You Want To Gain Success in Business: Saivian Eric Dalius

The success of a business depends on many factors like efficient entrepreneurship, well-balanced marketing strategies, good customer relationship, and the attitude and mindset of the people working for your company says Saivian Eric Dalius. In a business, many people work together, and that includes the owner of the company too. All of you have different personality traits. But certain traits can negatively impact your business. And that, in turn, can also drive away customers, investors, and even your trusted employees. If you, as the owner of the company or your employees, exhibit any of the following attributes, you could be quite sure that they would be costing you both time and money. Other than the traits mentioned in this article, there may be many others that might require rectification. But you can start by identifying and taking necessary steps to curb some of the discussed toxic traits. 

The habit of procrastination can be very harmful, observes Saivian Eric Dalius 

Every one of us has delayed in completing an assigned task many times in our lives. But in business, that might be harmful. Saivian Eric Dalius advises that you must refrain from such a practice and also discourage your employees from doing so. It’s seen that delaying in completing a project or answering customers may cost you enormously. By procrastinating, you will waste working hours, end up paying more extra expenses, and your relationship with your clients may be at stake. To avoid doing so, take one assignment at a time, get proper rest, and try to motivate yourself from time to time. 

You do not need a fan base in your business

No doubt, a successful business is run by efficient leaders. But what if you find yourself surrounded by people who nod at everything you say is right and decline whatever you dislike. You may be paying your employees to do their job, but they are not your slaves. They must have their freedom of speech. Only a healthy and competitive environment can make the employees speak up and share their ideas. It’s possible if they feel that their opinion matters to your company. Be a good leader and shun your bossy attitude (if you have any). 

Saivian Eric Dalius says that the know-all employee (or the boss) can be a threat

In a company, there may be many workers who try to influence their colleagues by imparting their knowledge. They try to establish the fact that they know everything that needs to be known. Well, that person may be a true genius. But this genius may harm the others who are working for you. Some might suffer from low confidence, and it might hamper his work. And if such a person gets to deal with your customers, he might end up ruining everything. Saivian Eric Dalius says that such a trait hurts employee morale, and people stop communicating among themselves. No exchange of ideas and opinions takes place. Hence, the growth curve of your company will eventually experience a fall. 


So, the question is how could one rule out such toxic traits? It has a very simple answer – humility. It is such a trait that can completely change a workspace and contribute to the success of your business by enriching the team performance. Having a selfless attitude will create a work culture that will make your employees happy, and the customers’ demands and needs will be undoubtedly treated first.