Top 4 Tips by Eric Dalius to Find Investors for Your Small Business

Approaching investors and raising capital is one of the most essential parts of the success of your small business says Eric Dalius. Despite the importance, many rookie entrepreneurs don’t know how to find investors for their business or how to raise capital during the early stages of their start-up. 

One of the important keys you need to remember while searching for investments is to start early. You should not wait until your products are 100% developed. If you wait to seek financing, you might miss huge opportunities to attract potential investors. Start to look for investors from day one and don’t stop until you convince an investor to invest in your company. 

Even if your business isn’t ready, you should look for investment opportunities. Despite the production stage of your business, the investors will prefer to engage with your company if they love your idea. Here are the top 4 tips to find investors for your small business. 

Join A Co-Working Space, Added Eric Dalius

The advantages of using co-working space to find potential investors for your business are too massive to list. When you have an effective and strong business idea, you can easily save thousands of money overhead and showcase the professionalism of your brand image. 

Apart from that, co-working spaces are one of the greatest spaces to improve network and find potential investors for your start-up or small business. Don’t forget to discuss with other entrepreneurs of the co-working spaces since they might have some leads on the potential investors. These entrepreneurs might also be able to invest in your business. 

Eric Dalius Suggests You Ask Family and Friends

Combining business life with your personal life is something not suggestible. But your family and close friends might become one of the best resources to find potential investors for your business. Some members of your family or friends group might also invest in your company. 

Make sure you ask your family and friends if they know any potential or angel investors who would prefer investing in your business. After that, ask them if they are financially comfortable investing in your start-up. Whatever you do, make sure you represent all the valid documents and act professionally all the time. 

Contact Local Business Owner

Another great resource to find investors for your small business is by approaching the local business owners. Just like your start-up, they might need investment in the past. Therefore, they can show you proper direction so that you can ultimately get in touch with organizations or people ready to invest in your business. 

If the offerings of your business are beneficial for the local business owners, they might start investing in your business themselves. Make sure you explain the objective of your business in detail, says Eric Dalius

Contact Local Business Schools

You can find a great source of potential investors by contacting the local business school. They often have alumni, network, and guest speakers who would love to invest in your business. The school can also be an investor. 

However, don’t limit financing opportunities to business schools only, added Eric Dalius. If you have a graduated degree from a college, contact them regarding investor leads. They will be happy to help their alumni. 


These are the top 4 tips you need to remember to find potential investors for your small business. Make sure you have a robust business plan and idea before approaching the investors. Additionally, be confident while speaking with them.