Top 4 Reasons by Eric Dalius Why Instagram is Beneficial for Your Business

As a business owner, you might have heard different statistics and stories about Instagram says Eric Dalius. Many marketers know the utmost importance of Instagram for their business. Others are afraid to include this in theory social media marketing campaigns. But how will you know if Instagram is beneficial for your business or not? Is it worth the time and effort incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy? 

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world. With more than 1 billion active users and 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is dominating the social media campaigns. Whether you’re using social media to improve your brand awareness or promote your products and services, Instagram is an important marketing tool that you cannot ignore. Not sure why Instagram is essential for your business? Here are the top 4 reasons you should consider. 

You Can Tell Brand Story, Says Eric Dalius

Consumers love brand stories. From the POV of a business, telling a unique story is one of the best ways to develop emotional bonding with your potential customers. 

When you share visual content, you’ll be able to let your potential customers know about the objective of your brand. This way you can easily attract the attention of future customers. Apart from that, customers usually prefer standard approaches of a business rather than promotional marketing. This is why you need to develop an Instagram feed that focuses on developing feelings, instead of showing only the business offerings. Instagram will not only enhance the emotional response of your brand but also have a positive impact on the growth of the business. 

Visual Content is Vital 

Do you know that photos are the only content that receives the highest engagement rate on the web? This is because the engagement rate of visual content is 700% higher than text-based content. As Instagram is a visual-based platform, you can leverage this social media channel to engage with your customers, added Eric Dalius. When you use Instagram to test the visual preferences of your customers, you can create relevant branding across multiple channels. Not to mention, you can implement the images of Instagram on other promotional channels. 

Reaching People is Easy with Instagram – Eric Dalius

This is one of the best benefits of using Instagram for your business. As mentioned earlier, Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users all over the world. Therefore, the platform offers an extensive audience base to businesses. While uploading content on Instagram, make sure you use hashtags so that you can increase the visibility of your content to the relevant people. However, make sure the hashtags are relevant so that your content can reach the right audiences. If you’re willing to invest a little more, you can use targeted ads for your business to reach more potential audiences. 

You Can Notice Your Competitors

Remember that you’re not the only one accustomed to the benefits of Instagram. Your competitors might use Instagram too as their marketing strategy. Hence, you can use this platform to monitor the activity of your competitors and their interaction with the community, says Eric Dalius. What are the products they are marketing on Instagram? What types of content do they upload? Also, what is the timing manner of the upload? Are they engaging with their fans effectively? Answering these questions will allow you to create a unique marketing strategy. 


These are the top 4 reasons why Instagram is beneficial for your business. Make sure you create a business profile on Instagram. Additionally, don’t forget to use hashtags while uploading content.