Top 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Business Plan – Eric Dalius

The business plan is an essential factor for businesses. Without developing an effective business plan, you cannot grow your business says Eric Dalius. Additionally, the business plan will influence every aspect of your business including cash flow, investment, loans, improvements, etc. As a business owner, you cannot change aspects of your business without first determining the business plan. Even though a business plan is most obvious for start-ups, it’s also important for established firms. A robust business plan will allow everyone to walk on the right track while implementing the strategy and goals of the business. 

There is plenty of information available on the internet and books to guide entrepreneurs and marketers to develop a strong business plan. However, many entrepreneurs still make mistakes while writing a business plan. Here are the top 4 common mistakes you need to avoid while writing a business plan. 

The Executive Summary is Boring

Most business plan readers, investors, and backers start reading the business plan with the executive summary. Eric Dalius says the executive summary should highlight all the essential points of the business concisely. The business plan should tell a compelling story of the quality of your products and services as per the defined target market. Additionally, it should also share the vision of the company on how their offerings will profit the customers. 

However, many entrepreneurs make incomplete executive summaries where the implementation remains unclear. If you lose your potential clients on the executive summary page, they will never engage with your business. 

Superficial Definition of the Target Audiences, Added Eric Dalius

Determining your target audiences and how your offerings can benefit them is vital. This includes proper segmentation of the customers and how the services and products of the company will satisfy the needs of different customers. 

However, many marketers keep the definition of target audiences general in their business plan. If you don’t define the requirements of the customers clearly in the business plan, you might make a vague business plan. Additionally, you might create a complicated business plan that will emerge various business problems in the future. 

Underestimating the Risks Associated with Business

Most entrepreneurs focus on capturing new opportunities for their businesses. However, many of them neglect to consider grave business risks that can potentially harm or damage their company in various ways. Remember that ignoring those risks will not solve them instead, they will pose a huge threat to the existence of your business, says Eric Dalius. Apart from the risks caused by increased competition, change in the demand trends, and decrease in production, there are other risks like political and regulatory issues you need to consider. For instance, if you have an import-export business, you need to consider the global trends such as regulatory barriers and increasing protectionism in your target market.

Lack of Focus, Says Eric Dalius

Many business plans don’t showcase the proper focus of the business. They don’t show focus in determining the target audiences. Additionally, the business plan also lacks focus on the promotional part of the products and services. This is a crucial mistake, especially for start-ups.

When your business plan lacks focus, it won’t serve effectively. Not to mention, your efforts will go in vain.  


These are the top 4 common mistakes you should avoid while developing a business plan. Make sure you are aware of these mistakes so that you can easily avoid them. Even though identifying the mistakes in the business plan is a hard task, you should not give up.