Top 4 Advantages of Twitter Marketing for Your Business – Eric Dalius

Twitter was introduced in 2006 as a massaging platform. Since its introduction, the platform has become one of the largest social media channels with more than 300 million active users says Eric Dalius. Additionally, Twitter witness more than 550 million tweets every day. 

However, many marketers don’t know the true potential of Twitter. Recent reports stated that only 45% of business owners use Twitter as an advertising platform for their company. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of time leveraging the benefits of Twitter before your competitors catch you up. 

Twitter is one of the best platforms to receive conversations and the latest updates. It allows you to discover social media challenges and trendy hashtags. You might be a Twitter user, but you won’t know the proper advantages of Twitter unless you use it for your business. Here are the top 4 advantages of marketing your business on Twitter. 

Direct Messages Develop Genuine Bonds, Adds Eric Dalius

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter also has a direct messaging feature so that two users can engage in private conversation. However, the direct messaging feature on Twitter is a little different than other social media platforms. Two accounts can only send a private message when they mutually follow each other. 

As a business owner, you might think this feature is hassling as you cannot easily connect with other business influencers or marketers. But, a direct message for mutual will ultimately ensure engaging, authentic, and worthwhile conversations. 

Twitter Tags Improve Engagement, Says Eric Dalius

The tagging symbol of Twitter is one of the most important features of the platform. With the help of tagging, you can send a notification to other users that ultimately guarantees your tweet. This is one of the best ways to showcase some specific tweet to someone. Additionally, it’s an easy distribution for an article or quite you share on the social media platform. 

Marketers use Twitter as a content discovery platform. Therefore, new users on Twitter can see content from the account they don’t even follow. This will happen when many Twitter users like a specific tweet. The algorithm then assumes that you also want to see the content. With the help of the Twitter feature, your promotional message will be delivered to new customers. Therefore, it will increase engagement and reach. 

Uploading Multiple Times Daily is Not Annoying

As per various social media insights, Twitter is the only social media platform where business owners upload promotional and advertising content more than 20 times a day. Unlike the primary competitors of Twitter such as Instagram and Facebook, the chronological factor of Twitter is high. The tweets come with a short lifespan so daily updates are essential to staying relevant. 

Marketers should seize this opportunity to implement various contents that educate and entertains their Twitter followers, suggests Eric Dalius. This will help the audience to stay engaged. Twitter allows you to use images, live video, text, and polls so that you can make the conversation encouraging. 

You Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social media channels are the home page of your business. Twitter is one of the best places to create and showcase brand voice, says Eric Dalius. Therefore, your potential customers will visit your Twitter profile to know more about your brand. As per researches, more than 50% of people who visit your Twitter profile will visit your business website. 

However, make sure the brand is consistent and relevant across the different social media channels. Otherwise, your customers will be confused and leave the page. 


These are the top 4 benefits of marketing your business on Twitter. Twitter is undoubtedly a unique social media marketing platform that offers multiple ways to reach potential audiences. Make sure you don’t make mistakes while using Twitter for your marketing benefits.