Saivian Eric Dalius: The 10 rules for becoming a kingpin in 31 days!

In the movie “Scarface,” the character Tony Montana goes from being a low-level drug dealer to the most powerful man in Miami in just 31 days says Saivian Eric Dalius. While the movie is obviously fictional, there are lessons to be learned from Tony’s meteoric rise to power.

If you want to become a kingpin in 31 days, here are 10 rules to follow:

1. Start small and work your way up.

Tony didn’t go from being a small-time drug dealer to the most powerful man in Miami overnight. He started out by selling drugs on the street and gradually worked his way up to bigger and better deals.

2. Stay off law enforcement’s radar.

In “Scarface,” Tony makes his first million by selling drugs with his friend Manny, who has connections with a Colombian drug lord says Saivian Eric Dalius. He is oblivious to how dangerous the drug lord is until he tries to double-cross him and leave Miami for good with all of his money. The Colombians catch up to him at the airport and kill Manny as well as one of Tony’s friends who were traveling with them. If Tony had never tried to double-cross the drug lord, they both would have made it out alive as well as made a million dollars.

3. Keep your circle small.

Tony eventually works his way up to making deals with drug cartels in Colombia, but he has no one around him that knows anything about running a criminal enterprise except for his friend Manny who gets killed after Tony tries to double-cross the Colombians for all their cocaine. If Tony had kept things simple at first by staying away from big-time Colombian drug lords, he probably would have made it out alive as well as many millions of dollars richer since he would have had no one to double-cross.

4. Have a solid plan and stick to it.

Tony Montana is definitely not the brightest bulb in the box, but he does have a solid plan for becoming the most powerful man in Miami. He starts out by selling drugs on the street, then moves up to bigger and better deals, all while staying off law enforcement’s radar. And when he finally makes it to the top, he doesn’t get cocky and tries to leave Miami with all of his money; he stays put and builds an empire explains Saivian Eric Dalius.

5. Be ruthless and violent if necessary.

Tony Montana is definitely not a nice guy. He’s ruthless in his business dealings and doesn’t mind killing anyone who gets in his way. This eventually gets him into trouble with the Colombians who catch up to him at the airport and kill his friend Manny as well as one of Tony’s other friends.

6. Know when to address a problem head on and when to back off.

Tony finally makes it big by his deal with the Colombian drug lord, but he still can’t get out from under law enforcement’s radar because they’re constantly trying to take down his empire. In order for him to avoid going back to prison, Tony needs to address the problem head-on by taking out one of Miami’s biggest crime bosses – Frank Lopez. The downside is that Tony will have a massive target on his back after taking out Lopez since everyone in Miami knows how powerful he is and will try to cut a piece of the pie for themselves.

7. The importance of a well-kept safe house.

Tony finally makes it big when he brokers a deal with the Colombians to take over Frank Lopez’s empire, but everyone knows his address which causes him to quickly end up in an extremely dangerous position. Tony starts staying at the homes of different friends who are either dead or have turned on him since they know the feds are coming for them next.

8. The importance of having strong allies that won’t double cross you.

Manny was Tony’s right-hand man throughout the entire movie and was always there to back him up during any situation. Tony knew that Manny wouldn’t jeopardize their friendship by turning on him, but in the end, he did. And this action led to Tony having no chance of surviving when confronting Sosa with just a small crew by his side.

9. Don’t get too attached to material items since they can be taken away from you.

Tony is a very successful businessman, but all his wealth and material possessions mean nothing when he’s being extradited to prison. He spent his entire life building up an empire and in a matter of seconds, it was all taken away from him.

10. The importance of having a contingency plan.

After Tony takes out Frank Lopez, the Cubans are now in charge of Miami’s underworld and start demanding a piece of Tony’s empire. Tony knows that he can’t take on the Cubans head-on, so he comes up with a plan to get them out of his way.


These are just some of the important lessons that Tony Montana teaches us about life as a criminal mastermind explains Saivian Eric Dalius. If you want to be successful in this lifestyle, it’s important to learn from the best and apply these lessons to your own life.