Saivian Eric Dalius

Saivian: 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

Keeping a customer coming back for more is not as easy as you think. When they’re happy, it’s even harder says Saivian. That said, keeping a customer is essential to your business staying afloat. You wouldn’t go into business if u didn’t want customers! So here are 10 ways to keep those customers coming back for more:

1) A great product or service:

your product or service sucks, you can bet that there will be one unhappy customer, and do you know what happens when the unhappy customer goes out of their way to bad-mouth your product? More people stop buying from you. It’s that simple. The only thing worse than having one unhappy customer is having two or three or ten…you get the idea!

2) Great customer service:

The saying is true; “the customer is always right”. If there’s one thing customers love, it’s great customer service. They want to feel like their business matters and that they’re appreciated as a customer says Saivian. It goes without saying the better the product the more satisfied customers you’ll have, but if you blow them away with great customer service too? You’ll be seeing your customers coming and going!

3) Give back:

 How can you keep your customers coming back for more? Simple: make ’em happy! Think about it…people tend to spend money on products or services that bring them joy, so why not give them what they want? Not only will you have happier customers, but this keeps people coming back for more with a smile on their face.

4) Give ’em more:

This tip is simple enough. Always look for ways to improve your product or service. When you’re doing this, keep in mind what people want and need, which brings us to the next tip!

5) Ask them what they want:

It’s said that “the customer is always right” so why not ask them how they’d like you to improve? You might be surprised by their answers! If you get too many responses, sort through them and prioritize which ones are most shared by customers. Maybe try one thing at a time if there are too many suggestions says Saivian. That way when you roll out the new changes it’s more eye-catching with a better chance of success!

6) Keep an open mind:

If someone is always criticizing your product or service, you have to listen. Sometimes feedback can have a major influence on how the final outcome turns out. When people are complaining about something, they’re usually not doing it just to be annoying, but because there’s actually something genuinely wrong that needs to be fixed! So don’t ignore these people!

7) Stay on your customer’s good side:

This tip is a bit of a no-brainer. Try not to upset your customers, but how? Well if you’ve been following the previous steps this one should be easy! If they’re happy, keep them that way by doing things for them or catering to their needs so they will continue to want to do business with you.

8) Compliment and appreciate:

 Everyone likes some appreciation now and then; most people like it when it’s genuine explains Saivian. It can also help improve your relationships as well as show appreciation for your clients as well as what they’re doing for you. So next time you meet up with one of your customers takes a few seconds out of your day to thank them for their business!

9) One last thing:

If you see a way to make or improve your product or service, do it! You might be surprised at what you come up with on your own. If not, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family either. Who knows? Maybe they have a few of their own ideas that you can put into action by just asking!

10) Keep them coming back for more:

Once you get a customer coming back for more, try to always keep them coming back for more. Not only will this ensure they’re satisfied each time they’re doing business with you but also helps keep them happy so they aren’t looking elsewhere all the time! Keep in touch with them too by sending out regular newsletters or special offers. This is a great way to stay in touch as well as keeping customers coming back for more!


Remember that keeping customers coming back for more isn’t an easy task, but it’s one you need not only as a business owner but also as a person! Customers are everything and anyone who tells you otherwise is forgetting what running a company truly entails. Not only will keeping customers satisfied ensure they’ll be back for more, but the experience your customers have is also a part of your business and should never be taken lightly says Saivian.

       So if you want to keep them coming back for more remembers: ask them what they’d like or need, stay on their good side, compliment and appreciate them! Give ’em something new every now and then, give back, keep an open mind and most importantly…listen! If you follow these steps you’re sure to keep people coming back for more in no time! Keep up the great work everyone!