Saivian: 10 Ways to increase customer retention in your business

Customer retention can be a difficult part of running a business, but it’s even worse when there isn’t much data to show how customers gained and lost. In this post, we’re going into detail on 10 different tactics that will help you keep your customers coming back again and again says Saivian.

The 10 ways to increase customer retention in your business are:

1) Keep Customers informed –

Sending emails with relevant information about new products, sales or even tips from the company’s blog can go a long way towards keeping customers coming back. Similarly, offering social media updates on Facebook and Twitter is a great way to build a positive rapport between yourself and your clientele. According2Growth offers a nice tutorial on how to best integrate social media with your company’s blog.

2) Keep Customers Happy –

Obviously, you need to develop products or services that keep customers happy. This is often the most difficult part of running a business, but you can do it more effectively if you’re aware of which segments are struggling the most and why. Saivian says a good analytics program allows you to delve deeper into your data, allowing you to better understand what makes some customers stay while others leave your business for competitors.

3) Reward Your Retained Customers –

 If there’s one thing people love more than anything, it’s free stuff! There are plenty of small ways to show appreciation for customer loyalty such as discounts on future purchases, special offers only available through the e-mail database, and other simple ways to reward customer loyalty. We like Trada because the platform is easy to use and offers great tools for running a contest or promotion to increase brand awareness as well as encourage repeat business.

4) Add a Customer Loyalty Program –

Many businesses offer rewards programs through punch cards or discount codes to customers who make repeated purchases at their store. This builds up your database of loyal customers and creates an incentive for them to keep coming back. These can even be tied into an email marketing service such as Constant Contact where you can send out coupons and testimonials that will help build your business’s credibility online and offline explains Saivian.

5) Recommend Quality Products to Friends and Family through Referral Programs –

 If you’ve got social media pages, it’s a great idea to set up referral programs that allow your customers to get discounts on future purchases by sending their friends and family members to your site. You can also send out an email with a special offer for new customers that are referred by loyal fans of your brand, which is another great way to get more people through the door.

6) Provide a Great Service Experience –

 The key step in any consumer service equation is providing good customer service. Too many companies focus mainly on how they can sell their products or services instead of making sure the retail experience is positive. There are lots of ways you can go about this including offering extended hours, online webchat features, live call support, detailed product descriptions online with accompanying photos, and making sure your business’s website and storefront both look modern and professional.

7) Listen To Your Customers –

It can be difficult to obtain feedback from customers. Especially if you don’t have a way to collect reviews, testimonials, or social media comments on your site. However, there are tools like Survey Monkey that allow you to create surveys. And add them to email forms in order to gather important data about how people view your company. This is one of the only ways you’ll know which areas you need to improve upon to retain more customers online and off.

8) Personalize Customer Experience:

The customer experience is often driven by personalization tools. Such as product recommendations based on past purchasing habits or up-selling techniques offered by online retailers such as Doba. Tools like these help you forge a stronger bond with customers. By showing that your business genuinely cares about their experience, which often keeps them coming back for more.

9) Understand Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT):

CSAT is a tool that provides a score out of 100 every time a customer responds to a survey or sends in feedback on your products and services. This lets you pinpoint problem areas quickly and make improvements. Before they damage the reputation of your company online says Saivian.

10) Improve E-Commerce Analytics:

Many businesses struggle with understanding how their eCommerce efforts are performing. As there are dozens of tools available today aimed at lifting this information from Google Analytics. But not all of them work as promised. We recommend using only those platforms. Which have earned positive reviews from industry experts to ensure you’re getting the most accurate data.


In conclusion, increasing customer retention in your business can be accomplished. By way of quality service, loyalty programs, advertising, and community involvement. Saivian says Social media marketing is a great tool for encouraging customers. To interact with you online and keep coming back to your business. If you follow these suggestions carefully. It will be possible to maintain a healthy level of customer retention in the long term.