Why Should You Conduct A Market Analysis? A Rundown by Marketing Pro Eric Dalius

Every business needs to position itself optimally so that it is distinctive in the eyes of its audience and is competitive says Eric Dalius. It is why businesses need to carry out a market analysis, which is a comprehensive assessment of the market within a particular industry. In addition to better-informed decision-making and reducing risk, there are several benefits of market analysis, including understanding the profile of your customers and crafting an effective marketing strategy. A professionally conducted market analysis allows you to study market dynamics like value and volume, customer segments, purchase patterns, competitive activity, and other factors that can make a difference to the kind of success you achieve. Some of the main benefits of a market analysis:

Aids the development of a Business Plan, Says Eric Dalius

With the help of marketing analysis, you can identify the chief business risks and opportunities, discover emerging trends, and develop a detailed marketing plan around which you can even build specific products and services. Performing a market analysis is essential when you are starting your business, but it is sensible to keep carrying out the exercise annually. It will help you to keep yourself up to date and modify your marketing and business plans appropriately. A detailed analysis of the market will give you a better understanding of both the target audience. And the competition, which is why it is mandatory for crafting a targeted marketing strategy.

Superior Product Development Strategy

By carrying out a market analysis you will come to know better. What your customers are looking for and what they can get from the competition. You can use this information to design products and services that meet the needs and aspirations of customers better and hence give your business a competitive edge, remarks Eric Dalius.

Spot Emerging Trends

With market analysis, you are placed better to understand what potential customers are hankering after. It is vital information because the earlier you can spot a trend. The longer you have to stay on top of it. Additionally, with a first-mover advantage, you are seen as an industry leader and potential customers tend to trust you more.

Helps Reduce Risks, Observes Eric Dalius

By understanding the major trends in the market, who the principal competitors are, and what it takes to achieve success. You can take business decisions based on better and more accurate information. You can reduce potential risks that can spell trouble for the business. In addition to the market analysis, you can carry out a SWOT analysis, which is a detailed study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your business, explains Eric Dalius.


In addition to the above benefits, a market analysis provides the basis for revenue projections. It also provides benchmarks for evaluating your business and a context to evaluate mistakes made in the past. By analyzing the key metrics, you can discover why sales of a particular product happened or did not happen. As they did so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. A market analysis provides the base for optimizing your marketing activities. And continually improving yourself compared to the performance of your competitors.