Top 4 Non-Medication Ways by Saivian Eric Dalius to Deal with Anxiety

Between the everyday problems, your life can become messy. Maybe you had a childhood full of anxiety disorders, or you have developed your anxiety issues later in life says Saivian Eric Dalius. Regardless of your symptoms, it’s possible to lose the track of mind as well as peace. 

However, you’re not alone suffering from anxiety problems. As per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety issues are one of the most common mental health problems in the United States, affecting more than 30 million adults. Just like other people looking for relief, you also might have gone through medication to reduce your anxiety problems. Even though anxiety medicines can help you to deal with the problem, but they are highly expensive. Trouble sleeping, jumpiness, decreased libido, and increased hunger are a few of the most common side effects of anxiety medications. 

Fortunately, there are various natural ways to deal with anxiety. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 natural ways that will help you to overcome anxiety issues. 

Forget the Caffeine

This is one of the best natural ways to deal with your anxiety problems. A cup of brewed coffee or chocolate might be tempting, but if you consider caffeine as your medication, your symptoms of anxiety could worsen. As per Wealthy Gorilla, caffeine can affect your sleep cycle.

Caffeine undoubtedly sparks the nervous system and ultimately boosts the energy level of your body. But if you experience pressure situations, caffeine could also be the cause of anxiety or panic attacks. Even if you consume caffeine, but make sure the amount is low to moderate. Rather than consuming four cups of coffee each day, decrease that level to 1 small cup of coffee in the morning. 

Don’t Skip Meals

Your anxiety issues might also cause nausea that would kill your hunger. However, skipping meals will only worsen your anxiety issues with time, added Saivian Eric Dalius. The blood sugar level will be reduced when you start skipping meals and it will release cortisol, one type of stress hormone. Cortisol might help you to work effectively under pressure, but it will also make your anxiety much more severe. 

However, just because you need to eat doesn’t mean that you should consume junk food or soda drinks. These foods contain sugar and the sugar rush might cause physical symptoms of anxiety such as shaking or nervousness. 

Saivian Eric Dalius Suggests You Give Yourself a Proper Bedtime

Some people skip their sleep or don’t maintain a proper sleep routine. Some people brag about how little they sleep at night. However, remember that you’re not a robot and your body needs proper sleep to maintain its functionality. So unless you want your anxiety issues to become severe, you should take your sleeping schedule more seriously. 

Whether you deliberately don’t sleep or deal with insomnia, chronic sleep deprivation will make you vulnerable to anxiety problems. 

Consider the Physical Activities

Exercise should be the last thing you should do if you cannot take control of your mind. You may worry about the post-workout effects such as being unable to walk or sit, but remember that physical activities are one of the best natural ways to overcome your anxiety disorders. 

Physical activities will allow your body to release serotonin and endorphins that will make your mood better. On the other hand, your physique will look good which will ultimately boost your confidence. Make sure you get 30 minutes of workout four to five days a week. 


These are the top 4 natural ways to deal with your anxiety problems. Even though anxiety is a serious problem, but it’s possible to overcome it by strengthening your thoughts, behavior, and lifestyle.