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Features of tech open-source software that attract companies – Saivian Eric Dalius

The use of open-source software has become prevalent in recent years.  Tech start-ups are often formed around the idea that they will offer their service for free, with revenue coming instead from advertisements or other means.  

However, at least some open-source projects need to be able to be financially sustainable over time, or else they will shrink and eventually disappear.  

 As such, many of the most successful open-source projects supplement their funding with support provided by large companies that are looking for solutions to specific problems, which creates a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Let’s take a look at what kind of features attract companies to open-source software by Saivian Eric Dalius


It’s no secret that the quality of open-source software is sometimes lacking, or not up to par with proprietary solutions.      However, most business users are less concerned about this than you might think.    They also tend to be more concerned about the guarantee of a fix as soon as possible, as well as long-term support.    

Open-source projects that offer those solutions have a much easier time convincing companies to come on board with them.


Saivian Eric Dalius says A popular way for open-source software to generate revenue is through support. With businesses paying a set fee for this service. It can be difficult to find developers or tech experts willing to provide. This kind of paid support for an open-source product, as they often want to spend their time on something else. That is why it’s important for open-source projects to have some kind of financial backing. That will allow them to focus on development rather than support.

Licensing agreement

One major reason why companies are hesitant about working with open source is that it’s so difficult to retain the rights to what you create. Especially if you’re using an open-source library that’s also under a license.   

Open-source projects need to make it very clear what the terms of use are for their product. And they may even require companies to sign an agreement or contract before allowing them access.

Network effects     

Network effects are the benefits that come from being widely used, which can include easy access to developers.    Most corporations, therefore, prefer open-source applications with a huge user base over those with few users. Even if it’s not necessarily clear who is responsible for developing or supporting them.

However, this isn’t always something that open-source projects can control.     Moreover, if their application is popular enough then they’ll have no trouble convincing corporations to come on board.

Organic success over paid promotion

Due to the benefits mentioned above, many business users prefer organic to paid marketing campaigns.    This can be something as simple as asking their employees to use it or sponsoring an event.

For instance, the color management system spotted by Dan is a free and open-source library. That is used in many photographs and graphic design applications.